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Marine Phytoplankton

Open-Cell Marine Phytoplankton:
Whole-Food Nutrition Anywhere, Anytime!

SolarStrips deliver to your body whole-food through marine phytoplankton. The marine phytoplankton in SolarStrips is very pure and delivered in its highest bio-available form—"open cell" Alpha-3 CMP (Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton).

Simply place the delicious tasting SolarStrip onto your tongue, let it dissolve, and receive some of the best food that your body needs every day!


Marine phytoplankton normally is encased in a silica shell. As humans lack the digestive enzyme to break down this shell, we cannot reach the nutrients inside. Through a patented technology, which removes the silica shell without using heat, freezing, or chemicals, your body becomes able to absorb the water-soluble nutrients into your bloodstream—bypassing the digestive tract—for immediate and complete use of valuable nutrients!

SolarStrips, with “open cell” marine phytoplankton
opens a treasure chest of nutrients for immediate delivery in your body!

Each SolarStrip has 37.5 milligrams of marine phytoplankton, which contain:

  • essential amino acids
  • trace minerals
  • vitamins
  • antioxidants
  • enzymes
  • essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) and
  • phospholipids.

SolarStrips comes with 28 strips per envelope. With an array of synergistic nutrients, SolarStrips support your brain, your cardiovascular system, your energy, your cell communication and vital organ strength…and all this helps you maintain your quality of life.

Whole-food nutrition...anywhere, anytime!


What Is Marine Phytoplankton?

  • Many have described marine phytoplankton as "little droplets of sunshine," because of their interaction with sunlight.
  • However, marine phytoplankton are microscopic plant life. The foundation of the oceanic food chain supporting life in the sea.
  • Because of their ability to support photosynthesis, 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in our atmosphere comes from phytoplankton.
  • NASA has been studying this astounding whole-food for decades because these microscopic plants can take carbon-dioxide, the sea water, the light, ...and create oxygen!

What Are Whole Foods?

whole food
Noun: a food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances.

ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Are you ready to enjoy the delicious ease of SolarStrip™ nutrition?

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